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How to Prepare for you B.B. Lash Appointment:

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First and foremost, expect to undergo a consultation with your Certified Lash Expert to determine whether you are a good candidate for eyelash extensions. Because the consultation and paperwork can be time- consuming, it helps if you arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment.

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Remove All Eye Makeup

Avoid wearing eye makeup to your eyelash appointment. Remove mascara, eyeliner, and other eye makeup before- hand. Although the lash stylist will have eye cleanser on hand, removing eye makeup can be time-consuming and take away from your lash extension application time. Also, avoid curling your lashes ─come with your lashes in their natural state.

Remove Contact Lenses

Bring a contact lens case and saline solution to your 

appointment, if you wear contact lenses. As a safety precaution you will be required to remove your lenses before the lashes are applied. Wearing contact lenses while getting lash extensions is a safety issue and may be uncomfortable. After the lashes are applied, you can put your contact lenses back in, or if more convenient, just wear glasses to your appointment.

Dress for Comfort

For appointments longer than an hour, you may want to wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to lie down in a relaxed, non-restricted manner. Treatment room tempera- tures are usually constant, but it does not hurt to bring a light sweater just in case. Wearing comfortable clothes during your session can help optimize your special “me-time” and enhance your experience. Also, to prevent un- necessary discomfort, avoid wearing large dangling earrings or wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun.

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